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Hofner Bass

I was fond this recently by telling you all that I am really in to musics besides of me being a blogger and webmaster over this site, Yeah! That’s real and I can say it proudly..haahha alright, on my very recent blog post which I shared to you a little details on how I may […]

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Bass guitar

Besides of blogging, I have this another hobby that most of you didn’t know which this playing the awesome b.c. rich bass guitars at Guitar Center yeah! You heard it or read it right that I am also in to music besides of this geek things over the Internet. Actually, this get started when I […]

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best arch support insoles

Hi guys, how are you all today? I hope all is well out there. I was here not to actually update this blog with some fashion updates. I was here to ask you all a little favor or suggest me any selling site that has this best arch support insoles. I dunno if this ones […]

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