Finding the 5 Most Romantic Contact Lenses

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Once upon a time, planning a romantic outing was all about choosing the right outfit and fixing your hair and makeup. Today, there is so much more you can do to achieve the perfect look for that very special occasion. Just the fact that you can switch out your eye glasses for contact lenses will mean losing the “librarian look” for something much more natural and attractive, but you can go further:choose the most romantic contacts and your eyes will exude love whenever your sweetheart gazes into them. The following choices let you change your eyes ever so subtly or in a bold, trend-setting manner:

1. Blues—Translucent enhancement contact lenses are the perfect solution for women with light-blue eyes. In slightly darker shades, they bring a sexy intensity and vibrancy to eyes that are naturally light-blue. You can also choose a contrasting lens shade to create amazing aqua or ocean hues. Enhancement contacts are less expensive than colour tints and available in both “plano” and prescription styles.

2. Greys—Nothing speaks romantic mystery quite like the unfathomable depths created by smoky grey eyes. Manufacturers usually blend 2–3 shades of grey for a more natural look. Choosing a lens with a dark outer ring makes your eyes look even larger and inviting.

3. Violets—Amethyst and violet contact lenses speak to your romantic, feminine side. Blending blues and greys can produce a personalized look that is just right for communicating that loving feeling. Once again, adding a darker outer ring immediately makes your eyes appear more voluminous. Violets are the perfect choice for those with light-coloured eyes, but they can also be a charming alternative if you have brown eyes.

4. Hazel—Perhaps you’re a bit tired of your cool blue, grey, or green natural eyes. When the colours of hazel are blended together, the result is a warm, inviting shade that takes the idea of being a little more than just friends to a whole new level.

5. Diamond—If you want your eyes to communicate your fashion sense as well as your romantic side, you might consider a brand new fashion trend in contact lenses. You’ll need to be bold and adventuresome, and you will also need to be wealthy. Diamond contact lenses are ringed in white or yellow gold and made for the woman who can afford to exude the confidence she feels. While not yet approved for sale everywhere, these contacts take “bling” and romance seriously—to the tune of about £9,000.

Whether you want to make a subtle difference or you prefer to make a bold statement of your intentions, contact lenses exist in countless colours and shades. With a little experimenting, you will easily find the romantic shade that is just perfect for you.

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