Bodega 2013 Spring/Summer New Releases

 photo bodega-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-5_zps65e4ce2b.jpg

 photo bodega-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-3_zps93dd2bd1.jpg

 photo bodega-2013-spring-summer-new-releases-1_zps09819ace.jpg

The brand Bodega comes out with its 2013 Spring/Summer New Releases. I must say that their new items in this collection are all fantastic. All has their own uniqueness and great sense of style.
Let’s take a look on some of the items in their new releases. The first one is this yellow hoodie jacjet that I can see that will best to use on some outdoor activity like when you go camping or trekking. This is the best season to do those activities. Second is this fashionable cute looking hoodie that has a drawstring on its hood and a cuff on the end part of the sleeve. It will look best as an outwear. The big pocket detail of it adds an appeal on the whole look of this hoodie. I’m just simply loving every detail of this item. This white t-shirt on first look is kinda simple but when you look on the details of its print, you can see that it has its own uniqueness, having the brand bame “Bodega” on the cap of the skull that is wearing a glasses is dope! Another one is this long sleeved snap buttoned shirt with a patches design on its shoulder part and on its sleeves. Looks cool because it is very casual and you can wear almost anywhere and anytime you want to. And lastly is this camouflage printed shirt that also has a cuff on its sleeve. Well, I can’t say anything about this because we’ve seen a lot of items that ha the camo print design. You can check these its out online.

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