Comb Long Hair with care

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Brushing long hair is no simple deed, however it could be overcome and recover you from depending on extreme measures!

Check your hair for any major hitches or tangles; these are best untangled by delicate fingers as opposed to the barbarous teeth of brushes. Untangle these, yet be tender; don’t tear at your hair. Make long, even strokes in order to abstain from harming your locks.

In the event that you have any items that help, such as a leave in conditioner or detangler, then this is the opportunity to apply them. Verify you apply uniformly, and let your hair ingest the item.

Separate your hair into areas, contingent upon the thickness and length. Brushing your hair in areas makes the employment a ton less demanding and less overwhelming. Differentiate areas with fasteners or holds. Select one segment to begin with.

Begin brushing the finishes of the hair in the area and work your route up gradually until you have brushed the whole segment of hair.

Move onto the following layer until all layers are lacking nothing. The point when your hair is fulfilled, run your fingers through it delicately to check whether you missed any ties or crimps. At that point appreciate your naturally brushed hair!

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