Tattooed Lips are trending these days?


On today’s fashion trends. One of the most talked about trends was this tattooed lips, like what you’re seeing on top photos. Yeah! girls and even men are used to have their lips tattooed. I dunno, why this things had trends today in the fact that we could just rather use the fake tattoos one. Right? anyway, people really had their own fashion statements and styles that can give rather confidence on each end.

On the news recently, one Hollywood star. I forgot the name though, but she’s a girl who’d done on this lip tattoo and she been trends in news recently, will update this once I’d remembered her name..hehehe so- yeah, if you are fond enough by having this permanent lip tattoo just go on, if you really want to, however, just accept the fact once the tattoo applies it wont abolish more..So, folks, think this first before doing further. Okay, that’s it for now and I hopt you may come back to this blog to read more fashion and news updates.. thanks!

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admin on May 11, 2016 at 2:51 pm.

Amazing! Iā€™m very much interested in lips tattoo. Is it possible to get a color that’s close to my natural lip color?


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