The Hundreds x Persona 2013 “Live Free or Die” Capsule Collection

 photo the-hundreds-x-persona-2013-live-free-or-die-capsule-collection-1_zps9fd7de37.jpg

 photo the-hundreds-x-persona-2013-live-free-or-die-capsule-collection-3_zps7677b3c9.jpg

 photo the-hundreds-x-persona-2013-live-free-or-die-capsule-collection-4_zps2a8f7b3e.jpg

Another collaborative pieces had made this recently from the brands , The Hundreds & Persona. Actually, I am eye-ing with the hundreds brand already when I ever started this site and been hooked up myself in to street fashion wears. Because the brand, the hundreds, really offers some great finds that can make everybody dope and in trend for today’s fashion. And seeing them collaborating with such other awesome brand like Persona is a much really looking forward…

These are the speak peek pieces that we could expect from these brands these days ahead. I dunno though when this The Hundreds x Persona 2013 “Live Free or Die” Capsule Collection will be available soon, so – you better yet to tuned in to this site for the updates because I’ll be surely update this post once I got further details soon.

Thank you! and have yourself a great weekdays ahead.. 🙂

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