The Timeless Sarong


I love wearing sarongs. Not only because they are beautiful but also because you can wear them in many different ways. You can wear it as a wrap skirt any way you want, either long or short. It can also be worn as a dress, turban, and many more. If you’re very fashionable and creative, you can probably tie it around your body in many stylish ways. The sarong can also be used not only as a garment but also as a curtain, table cloth, and wall decor. Sarongs have been around for thousands of years and are probably the oldest articles of clothing. They are said to have been used in Egypt, Rome, and Greece during the ancient times.

Sarongs are called by different names. It depends on which part of the world you’re in. People from different countries and cultures wear it in various ways. For instance, in Southeast Asia they’re worn by both men and women for daily wear. However, men only wear them when they go to the mosque. While in Hawaii they are worn as a skirt by both sexes. I happen to wear them often in the beach as a covering if I don’t feel like showing off my body. Wearing one has that element of sexiness in it. I love batik sarongs with many intricate designs and colors. I actually prefer it sheer when I’m in the beach. The materials and how much thread count used in the fabric is dependent on a person’s taste and preference. Any which way you like wearing your sarong, it’s definitely a timeless garment that will never be out of style.

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Jag on September 22, 2012 at 11:12 am.

I thought it was you wearing a sarong hehe… sexy lang hehe…


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