Article Title: 5 Mistakes Novice Coupon Clippers Need to Avoid


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Saving money sounds good, but shoppers might not know where to start. One option that helps is coupon clipping and there are some important mistakes novice coupon clippers need to avoid.

There is more to think about than expiration dates when it comes to couponing. Shoppers starting coupon clipping might not consider there are right ways and wrong ways to clip coupon.  Take advantage of these important pieces of paper properly for best results. It is as exciting as getting weekly lotto results when a couponer gets a bargain.


*Not studying store policies because some stores put restrictions on coupon use, such as not taking printed coupons. There are special terms including no double couponing or stacking also known as using a manufacture discount and store coupon or sale. Store coupon policies might be available on the store’s website or obtained from the store.

*Not using a coupon on a sale product. Using a coupon on a sale item can help increase savings so read the fine print to determine what is accepted.

*Buying unneeded items just because there is a sale or a good coupon. This could actually be a waste of money. An option is donating it to a friend, family member or group that actually needs it.

*Forgetting to send rebates, which are when stores and even manufactures take off a percent, money value or provide the item for free. The catch is the customer purchases it at retail price and must properly send in a rebate to get their money back.

*Not taking advantage of options where members earn rewards with RewardIt, for example. Points earned are exchanged for such things as products and gift cards.

Avoiding Mistakes

* Not picking up the proper product size according to coupon guidelines, such as purchasing two products to get the savings.

*Not noticing product limits including one product allowed, but in some cases it could be up to several items that get discounted.

*Throwing away a coupon book inserted in the newspaper or mail. Instead, look through it first because it might not be junk mail, but a useful tool for savings.

Helpful Tips

*Consider coupon swapping, which is a great way to trade coupons that won’t be used with ones that to use.

*Feel free to contact a company that produces a favorite product asking to place you on their promotion, coupon, and mailing lists. This could be done online or by phone.

*Get rain checks when a store no longer has a sale item. This works as a coupon allowing the customer to still get the item for the sale price even if it is no longer on sale when restocked.

Remember there is more to using coupons than just handing them to the cashier.  A novice coupon clipper often doesn’t realize that there are ways to maximize savings. Coupon clipping has saved thousands of dollars with a variety of products from household supplies and food to electronics. There are even couponers that have left a store with more money in their pocket than when they entered.

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