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University Jackets

Nowadays, I’ve often seen both girls and men are used to wear this awesome university jackets though they aren’t be in university? what? do people do that? yeah – they are wearing now. Because this university jackets are not only for student but also to those people who wanted to be swag on today’s fashion. […]

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Lips / Lipstick tattoo is trending

I’ve seen a lot of people especially girls wearing this every quirky and unusual thing which the tattoo lipstick or lips tattoo of course on their lips. I think this was the trend for this up coming year 2012. Though this quite taking risk because tattoo is permanent and doesn’t abolish as you have it […]

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Smoky Eye Makeup

Makeups are great things to enhance our appearances to be looking good and at the same time to feel good after. Makeups are better way to gain confidence and of course to boost are self into fullest.  Indeed, things are made to gives us human an convenient and a good feeling afterwards. Today, I will […]

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