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musicians friend sales tax

If you are looking for the best and yet inexpensive kind of musical instruments that you could have for these days. I’ll then suggest you to take a look on this musicians friend sales tax wherein you’ll have basically pays for the tax as it goes on a huge sale that you couldn’t imagine at […]

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Good news folks! as the awesome has koss portapro service that you can freely to avail anytime you wanted as they have an online shop that can cater your need anywhere or everywhere you are. Please do check them out now and see for yourself on how great their each items were especially their […]

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Dave smith instruments

There’re a lot of brands that are offers cheap and reasonable kind of musical instruments over mortar stores and even online stores. But where is the most practical to have your instruments on? well, if you were asking me though I really prefers online as online shops has a lot to offers and oftentimes they […]

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Best acoustic guitar at Guitar Centers

There’re a bunch of guitar types which you folks are getting crazed about, I know. There was this acoustic guitar that mostly played at sort of tropical countries, there were some ukulele too that are famous in teens especially on girls as this was a quite handy to play and of course the expensive electric […]

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musicians friend returns

Good news for those music enthusiasts who has a planned already to have their musical instruments soon,. On my piece of advice, if I were you I’ll be considering buying off my instruments at this shop called Musicians friends where all the tools were selling in their cheapest prices thus it’s better for you to […]

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Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 DJ Controller

I know I might be late on telling you this. But another good thing happened to me this recently were I got to work in the music studio which is 3 blocks away from the fad am renting out. And the salary is quite good too though. But the thing is, I need to learn […]

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Black string for you guitar

Are you musicians? and loves to play guitar as your main instruments? if so, why not having this awesome and quirky black string on your own guitar? yes! black are great and it can gives accentual on the guitar you have. I actually have my guitar all blacked and it does looks awesome in it. […]

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G&L Bass

Are you music enthusiasts you wants to learn different musical instruments like this bass? if so, I think you’ll have to consider to have an musical tools or others called it instruments for you to start off. Others are preferring with acoustic guitars for beginners but own my own opinion you should have to start […]

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Sounds Software

Are you into Dj thingy? or you like mixing up sounds and make it to one peace? if so, I think this audio editing software is the one perfectly on you. Because it does make all the sound mixing process easily plus it has this auto play feature which can make you convenient. Want to […]

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korg sv1 from musicians friend

If you are looking for some awesome musical instruments and pieces. I may suggest you then to have this korg sv1 from musicians friend instead than to those bulky looking one. Because Korg has a great value and it’s quirky enough which will retain on its value. Got what I mean here? in short, korg […]

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